Bulbous & Proper

Everywhere I look I see beauty. Felt based magic. Palpable, connectable and pure. But it’s an undertone. Actual presentation, everyday interactions, conditioning, keeps it right under the surface. We tend to cover it. Hide it. For fear of exposing it.

More often than not, we make the devastating mistake of dumbing our shit down. Compromising ourselves for others, for group-think. We were taught young not to stick out from the crowd.

Look not to your neighbours for protocol mediocrity. Media fanatics – we are stuffed with sexy nonsense. Billionaires without actual mind statements. Mr. Space X, Mr. Amazon, superficial wealth was never the answer. I have no respect for this lunacy. 

Self obsessed agendas. Youth enthused and misled. Basically foolish on so many levels. The ironic bit is how brilliant we all truly are. Not in our actions, but in our existence. Our physiology. Our Love. Magnificently so…

We are not free. This is not a democracy. We are conditioned to compromise. Our magic is suffocating.

I hope when you read this, it moves you. Agree with me or not. Be offended even. Doesn’t really matter. 

Put your phone down. Go forth and shine!!