New QiGong Workshop + Sale

The Original Qi Workshop

Finding Nature Within – O.G. QiGong Concepts

Saturday June 4th @ 1pm (2 hours) 1273A Queen W. Floor 2

It’s got to be relatable to be of any use. When we recognize all is connected, adaptability becomes much easier. QiGong helps discern subtle shifts of change and shows us how to acknowledge self in other. Original Qi predates Yin and Yang. Nothingness doesn’t actually mean nothing…

Come get your Qi on!!

What will be covered:

– Hun Yuan (Primordial Chaos) Theory

– Breathing exercises to Awaken the Qi

– New Circulating/Spiralling Qi Exercises

– Stillness/Gathering Techniques

$50 + HST

And yes, the Sale!!
Buy a 10 pack for QiGong/Tai Chi group classes and get a QiBelly T-shirt for free!!

**Sale ends Friday June 3rd at midnight**

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.