Choices vs Habits

I was listening to a track on the stereo yesterday. No kids. No nonsense. Just me making lunch. It was beautiful.

The song was rocking, but a bit on the angry side. Romantic recollections of a battle royal. Within a few seconds I began fantasizing about fighting. So I turned off the music real quick and went back to living my life.

Holy shit we are constantly feeding on what surrounds us. Musical undertones, media mayhem, shitty humans, the list goes on.¬†Now I know it’s true we can’t always control what surrounds us. But what about when it is our choice? Are we helping ourselves by watching crap tv? Blasting bullshit music? Is this nonsense poisoning our minds without us even recognizing it? Perhaps it’s time we become more discerning.

Creating a strong practice means understanding what we want and then going about our day designing it. Our habits have to fall in line.