Group Stupid – The Written Word

I’m not a conversationalist. At least not anymore. Once upon a time, I possessed the gift of gab. But I gave it back.

On the rare occasion I do find myself in a conversation, it quickly becomes apparent, that my views are not that of the group.

Many years ago, I had a podcast called Group Stupid Radio. It was wild. We did two seasons worth before calling it quits. Unfortunately most of what was recorded was deleted from our SoundCloud account and is no longer accessible. No use getting into that now. Point being, I wanna bring back the title. It’s dope and it’s righteous. But this time, I’m gonna put it down on paper. 

Non conventional. Chalked with righteous judgment. Straight talk. It makes for challenge in this land of superficial niceties. But let’s address the wackness, shall we? Welcome back to Group Stupid. 

False Goals

Junkies for the download, we mistake learning for understanding. Just because we’ve read a few books doesn’t mean we know anything. Our route is immature and misguided.

Whatever happened to process and discernment? When did we all become so naive?  It took me many years to understand that impatience and immaturity are connected. 

This age of information we find ourselves in is a growth spurt. Comparable to that of sprouting pubes. A time for development, in the broad sense. But like your average teenager, we are blind to our own realities. 

How much of our time is wasted in useless directions? 

Commerce has us chasing false goals. We are here to connect and communicate better with one another. Not to pleasure ourselves excessively. 

Develop more than just your portfolio.