The holidays came and then went. What a gorgeous time of year!

And here we are back in January once again. 

Will it be a typical January?

Did we learn anything this time around the Sun?

Making choices and being accountable is difficult. Being lazy and letting the universe make those choices for you, can be much more difficult. Choose your difficult. 

Start 2024 off on the good foot!

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Here is a piece I wrote last week that I thought I would include here.


To be particular is to have a personality. To attach firmly to either invites suffering. 

Not too much. Not too little. Make it just right. 

Particulars, have a tendency of blinding the eye. Being too specific closes doors once open to possibility. 

Perspective speaks of a larger love. Non specific. All encompassing. 

To quote the author Robert A. Heinlein,  

‘Specialization is for Insects.’

We are more than just one direction. More than just having one skill. Meditate to open the eyes wide.

Happy 2024 – Wishing you well.