Have you noticed?

It’s mental outside. Have you noticed?

I work in Parkdale. I take transit across town. It’s mad. 

We all see it. Cops don’t give a fuck. No one wants to do or say anything. Cause then, that means we gotta get involved. And how much time is this gonna take out of my day? And then the cops will get involved. So we don’t do shit. Obscene mouthy half men on the streetcar, acting tough, and screaming vulgarities. Crazy types, riffing off others’ fear of having to get awkward in public. It’s a tasty recipe. 

Financial discrepancies, moral shiftings, the Rona, it all makes sense as to why. It’s been going on as along as humans have. But this is no excuse. What is happening right now sucks for everyone. Yet we act like we can’t see or feel it.  

When we really don’t care, what you see in the streets, what you see across this warring populace, is what we get. 

Maybe one day we will stop being so shitty to each other. 

Thank you for reading Group Stupid