Heart Meditation QiGong Workshop


On Saturday May 14th, I will be hosting a 2 hour Heart Meditation QiGong workshop. The first hour will focus on the 5 Hindrances of the Heart Meditation (desire, anger, restlessness, fear & laziness). This in turn will be the basis for the second hour, focus being Three Power QiGong – Heaven, Human and Earth as One.

This is going to be a no nonsense intensive, where the main objective will be to address the heart as we learn to embrace a support system beyond the skin.

My weekly group classes have briefly introduced both of these techniques, but now I am offering more detailed instruction for the 5 Hindrances of the Heart Meditation as well as the Three Power QiGong.

Email registration is required. Space is limited.

Saturday, May 14th from 1:30-3:30pm – $60.