Under the Emotion

Taking time to reflect and reassess is most often discomforting. The majority of us avoid it, and in doing so, sink deeper into our rut.

Knowing who we are and what we want requires intimacy with the self.

It can be difficult to distinguish habits from self. For most, habits define self. But where do our habits come from? What is underneath our conditioning? Here is where shit gets real interesting.

On Saturday May 14th, I will hosting a Heart Meditation QiGong Workshop. Our focus will be: Desire, Anger, Restlessness, Fear, Laziness. We will explore these emotions from the most opportune of positions, the heart itself. Space is still available. Please register by email.

And don’t forget about the QiBelly Reiki Share happening this weekend, Saturday from 3:30-5:30pm. Again, please register by email prior to date.

Thank you.