Heart Qi

For me it comes in stages. At first there is understanding, then a subtle shift occurs and the sky opens up. Initial breakthroughs only to have everything explode all over again years down the line. Same concept, same theory, but with deeper sense of perceptivity.

XinQi was what was taught to me. Heart, mind and breath as one. Not a literal idea. One that is as figurative as it is abstract. But I understood that early on. Even referenced it a piece I wrote years ago – 100 Day Meditation

The other day it came like a thunder bolt and properly fucked me up (in a good way). I can see my teacher laughing at me. There’s more. Haha. There’s always more. 

For example, speed in the timed sense is not enough (meaning matching speed of breath with speed of form). Timeliness is only one facet of what it means to have integrity. There are other aspects in terms of tone that need to be addressed…

It came to me through feeling. Not only timed but harmonious with respect to sensation, perspective and effort. From here it got crazy profound and I began to lose myself (reading back over this material prior to posting this, I realize I sound like a madman. And that however clever it is I believe myself to be, these are just words and in true sense not really hitting the mark. Whatever. You, the reader, will either get it or you won’t. At best I am hoping this is a form of inspiration)

Ok back to the insight…

Being harmonious starts within one spectrum and then eventually has to encompass the broader classifications. And on that note in the reverse as well, meaning it has to inversely extend to all pertaining subcategories beneath it. Have I lost you yet? Maybe I have lost myself.  Because in so many ways this makes so much sense to me. But as I sit here and try to put it on paper I spin excitedly out of control only to come back to the simplicity of it all. 

Heart, mind and breath as one. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the more I can see the stranger it all seems. Haha. 

Good luck!!