Workshop Special: Meditation for the Holidays

Halloween is over, and November is here. Seems like all we have left before the holidays hit are dudes rocking moustaches hoping they don’t look as gross as we all perceive them to be. Haha!!

So, as the saying goes, nothing like forethought as the afterthought. If we wait until December, it’s gonna be too late. A preventative approach is key.

Before stress punches you in the face. Before family drama starts shaping your month. Let’s sit down and set up a game plan. Generic enough to be malleable for the masses, I am offering a meditation workshop with the holidays in mind.

De-Stress by learning the basics of relaxation a.k.a. Meditation 101. Learn how important rhythms and lifestyle habits are in cushioning you against discomfort. Understand what your triggers are in terms of group dynamics (family, work, etc). Create better boundaries by learning how to love from a distance without the fear of needing to protect yourself.

Ok. There is my sell.

Saturday, November 24 from 1-3pm. $50 + tax

Spacing will be limited to the size of the room, so book sooner than later to guarantee your seat. To reserve your spot send me an EMT for $56.50 to

As well, here is a link to my latest blog called Heart Qi.

Thank you for reading. Happy November!!