I am the Gatekeeper

As many of you know, Master Zhang was just in town and it was a massive. Brighter and better than I could have imagined. That being said it was intense. He is intense. Truthfully, most of what he showed me was beyond my comprehension. Haha.  Maybe in another couple of years it will all make sense.

Aside from the obvious glory of having him here for 3 weeks, something totally unexpected came through. Master Zhang gave me the authority to offer lineage and take on apprenticies as a way to cultivate our community here in Toronto. 

Up until this point, I was considered an apprentice of Master Zhang with certification to teach. An honour indeed, but for the past decade I wasn’t allowed to take on my own formal students. Students yes, but formal lineage holders (family members in relation to China), no. But as of now that has changed. 

Last week while I was washing up after our meal, Master Zhang told me that I was now authorized to be the Gatekeeper for our Hun Yuan Lineage in Beijing. Not to be confused with the Key Master, hahah (Ghostbusters movie quote), but Gatekeeper. 

I was shocked. I cried. We hugged. It was dope. I never expected this honour. To be entrusted with this task is also to take on a huge responsibility. I now have a fire under my ass to build a bona fide Tai Chi and QiGong community here in Toronto. These are very exciting times!!

Included in the link is a breakdown of our Tai Chi Training and Teacher Certification process. I know a few of you have been asking me about this information. 

At this point it’s all still fresh and new. Master Zhang shall return next year at some point to check up on us and facilitate our first apprenticeship ceremony, termed Bai Shi. 

So, there you have it. There is work to be done!

I have some ideas for refresher workshops (review from the four he recently gave) in late summer, as well as adding a monthly invite only Tai Chi class for my dedicated students. I’m even working on some journaling on my time with Zhang over the last month. Stay tuned…

If you have any questions please let me know. This is strange language for most. 

And I would like to say thank you to each and every one of you for being a part of QiBelly. It’s been such an amazing time here in Toronto, and in many ways we are just getting started!!

QB 🙏🏻❤️😎