Its Time to Work from the Heart

A few of you have been asking if I’m still holding group classes amidst the #pandemic. A few days ago, I said I was. But more and more, it looks like many of us are choosing or being told to stay home. So, we have a few options here. 

Who’s keen on moving QiBelly group classes (guides meditations as well as QiGong/Tai Chi) to your home screen via Zoom? It’s an easy free app to download. Interactive and all that. 

For those of you interested, let me know. Here’s how I’ll break down the concept:

The guided meditations and the QiGong/Tai Chi classes will be priced the same as normal, and for those of you who have remaining class credits, you can just use those. Payment can be made via EMT to [email protected]

Once payment/confirmation is sorted, I will give you access to the Zoom Meeting code. 

If this goes well, I can run more classes throughout the weeks to come. I know a few of us are already scratching at the walls!!

As it sits, I will try conducting my private sessions via videoconference as well. For those of you keen on the in-person meetings we can make arrangements. No worries. I will contact those of you who I meet with directly. 

Alternatively, I will be meeting in High Park on Thursday’s and have time near my home at Greenwood Park throughout the week to book private’s and group classes. We have many options here!!

Regardless if you are joining the Zoom Meetings or not, I recommend having some sort of consistent home practice. In times like these, consistency and rhythms are key. 

Most important bit of all, WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS!!

It’s a time to rethink our current design and become creative. Like most of you, I’m open to suggestion when it comes to rethinking our route. So if you got any ideas just give me a bell. 

It’s time to work from the heart. No need to panic. 

And for fucks sake, leave some toilet paper for the rest of us.

Thank you for reading. Keep it steady. ❤️❤️