Lessons in Anxiety

Here are some thoughts on last weeks meditation workshop on anxiety.

My former approaches to anxiety in early adulthood were mostly a disservice. Much of what I was given, were techniques designed to try to be something I am not. 

Back then my anxiety could be explosive. And at these times, it usually brought me down. But trying to squash the amount of energy I was feeling, also brought me down. 

When I met my Zen Master, he blew my mind on what he had to say about anxiety. “Those who have anxiety have the most potential.” When I asked why he said, “Because they have the most energy.”

This was revolutionary for me. But it wasn’t an immediate fix. I want to emphasize that, because it’s taken me years of slowly improving myself to have the relationship I have now with my anxiety. But it did shift my focus and powerfully so. 

In the workshop I went through 4 basic categories: 1-Witnessing, 2-Accepting, 3-Learning, 4-Empowering

Each piece of this takes time. That’s the problem for most of us. We want to skip steps and just feel good.  But it doesn’t work that way. If we are to continue being honest, we have to start from a place of witnessing. 

Where in your life does it show up? This brings more people into the fold. Many at first will deny the label. But once we really start looking at ourselves, we come to realize many of us go through this. 

Which leads me to the word ‘anxiety’ again. It’s completely different for each and every one of us. 

Just because it’s not debilitating doesn’t mean you don’t struggle with anxiety. A large majority of us our anxious. It’s everywhere. And it makes sense. It’s bat-shit crazy these days. Like it or not, we are being asked for so much more. Our emphasis on being comfortable and not having to feel is grossly highlighted here. 

As well, I went over some ideas on Chinese medicines approach to organ health in relation to emotions. In particular I spoke on the kidneys role with fear and willpower. Not to mention, the liver. But perhaps I’ll write more on that later. Enough for now. 

These are just some thoughts. If you have any questions or comments feel free to write me. 

Thank you ~ Paul