New Shit Has Come To Light

New shit has come to light!!

I was teaching the other night, and something strange happened.

I began guiding the class with a meditative technique that in its true sense was a non-technique. I simply asked them just to be themselves. From there, it became less vague.

During the middle of the process, something shifted. The centre of my chest lit up and expanded into what I can only describe as magical. I became the room and at the same time I knew it wasn’t at all about me.

What I learned in most immediate sense, was that the persona I have been presenting in class and in other aspects of my life was never really was me. In fact, that somewhat archaic stance I was so accustomed to holding was my limitation as a teacher and as a human.

I’ve given half of my life to training meditation and martial arts, etc. and have a tremendous amount of respect for the practice and what the training has taught me. But as a title, as a stand alone concept, I now find the modality outfit to be a highly unnecessary piece of my presentation. I will still be teaching all my courses previously offered (don’t get me wrong), but I’m no longer interested in ‘playing the part’ or concerning myself with what my position should look like. It’s just me now. With all my glory, imperfections, struggles and potential.

I got a feeling shit be a changing…

Thank you for your time.