T-Shirts, Podcasts and Holidays



Summer Love 2015. We are here. Eyes are bright and the moment is full of potential. Time to party.

Three juicy points of interest:

1 – New QiBelly T-Shirts!!

Its been three years and I finally decided to make some more. Send me your sizing requests and we can help improve the quality of your life.

2 – New Podcast Coming Soon!!

Yes!! We are calling it, Group Stupid Radio, an offshoot of the QiBelly Family. Me and my friend Bouke Salverda will be hosting a weekly podcast where we converse, interview, and talk shit. We have recorded 5 sessions so far and are set to launch mid August. Here’s the official pitch.

Bold, honest dialogue exposing our cultural blind spots and debilitating belief systems. Fed up with this gross state of fear and denial, it’s time we, as a conscious body, unmask the fragile ego. Beyond politics, competition and intellectualism, we ask for more in terms of human potential.

Stay Tuned…

3 – Summer Holiday Schedule

For this summer, I will be taking a two week vacation break starting Friday, July 17th. QiBelly classes and appointments shall be closed from July 17th – Aug 3rd. Classes start back on Tuesday, August 4th. If you would like an appointment for that first week of August, please let me know as I am already taking bookings.

Thank you. Have an awesome summer!!