October 2020 Updates and Info

No use stating the obvious. October 2020, it’s written all over our faces.

I don’t have any upcoming workshops. No sexy discount deals either. 

But I’m still here. And thats gotta count for something. I’m in Parkdale Tuesdays Wednesdays and Saturdays. I’m offering private training and Reiki sessions in my studio for the time being. We have an air purifier. It’s clean and safe. 

Thursday’s and Saturday mornings I’m in High Park teaching Tai Chi and Kung Fu. It’s a gorgeous time of year. Bring a jacket. 

And then there are the Happy Hour classes on Zoom. Still going strong!!

Here is my updated class schedule – featuring all of my Zoom classes as well as the Reiki Shares and Advanced Tai Chi classes.

For those of you in need to support, don’t be shy. Give me a bell. It’s rough out there these days. 

Sending love.