Reiki Name Change + Ultra Classy Tai Chi Video

There has been a lot of talk about Komyo Reiki Do as of late. The recent name change from Komyo Reiki Kai and all the hoopla associated has got the people talking.

Last month I wrote Hyakuten Sensei and I was bold enough to ask him straight up. Haha. He just sent me this link to his website response. I was hoping for a little angle into the mind of the man himself but in classic Japanese style he kept that opening un-open. Haha.

So ‘Do’ as many of you know means ‘The Way’ and ‘Kai’ means group or company. So it makes sense why he would change it. But when I read his bit, I was like its always been like this. This is nothing new. So why the name change now?

To know Hyakuten is an honour. Such s beautiful human that talks and walks the path of a champion. I look at his fame and the people he is working with and the trends of Reiki culture and it makes sense why he is doing this now. Reiki Therapy being the trend, is the problem. Hyakuten has always claimed it and so have I. It’s not just about the healing. It’s a way of life.

So he came out and made a bold statement. He is challenging the status quo. And I say HellsYes!! Let’s open up this as a potential and no longer limit it to the category of healing energy!!

The way – of life. How you drive, how you see, how you poo, how you love. No more timeouts. No more autopilot. Responsible Consciousness Redefined.

I say HellsYes!!

And here is a little video luvin’ for all you Tai Chi heads!!