Toxic Media + Dope Vid

No doubt there is some crazy shit going down these days.

But there is also a great deal of magic happening too. People are coming together that wouldn’t typically be coming together. Humans are waking up as a reaction to all this madness. We are all moving in the same direction and in terms of the bigger perspective, there is only one way to go.

To hell with the news. Put some love out there!! We are all thirsty for it. The Season of Affection is upon us. No need for anymore fear based, archaic propaganda.

And here is a sweet vid of me doing some Tai ChiĀ from last summer’s filming. Its quick and dirty. Just a little Tai Chi action for your viewing pleasure (Patrick Swayze would be proud).

The last bit, the quote, is from a TaiJi Quan Thesis written by Wang Zong Yue. A nice little insight into the philosophy of our Tai Chi practice. Enjoy!!