Resist the Fall

At some point, preference becomes a problem. It’s not about what we want. It’s about what we are. 

In pursuit of comfort, we disrespect what is natural and necessary. 

My QiGong practice doesn’t free me from painTruth be told, pain is sometimes part of it.

I practice to appreciate. Especially the darker bits.

Seasons Greetings

As we fully dip into the Autumn months, resistance begins to show itself all over the place. Physically, emotionally, mentally, we all have our personal challenges. 

Embracing the Fall, is not something many of us do well. During this time of year, I like to remind my students why we practice QiGong. It’s about moving with Nature, not moving against. We can learn from the discomfort and pain. We can turn it into appreciation. 

Be resilient, no need to resist. 

Below are a few blasts from the past, with regards to this time of year, and how it relates to our training.

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Wishing you well.