The Importance of Private Classes

Why do private classes?

Private classes can accelerate your personal progress, giving your better overall fitness and health in a shorter period of time. Genetics, lifestyle and pre-existing conditions make everyone’s health and body unique. Private classes with QiBelly focus on the individual’s interests, specific health concerns, and most importantly, work at the pace of the individual.

A good place to start learning QiGong, Tai Chi, Reiki, Meditation and Kung Fu can be in a group, as the group can help with remembering choreography for the new student.  However, these are not simple ‘follow me’ exercises; they are complex and sophisticated practices that require time and commitment for both body and mind to understand.

QiBelly offers private classes for beginners as well as experienced practitioners. For those interested in specific programming or those looking to go deeper into their practice, private classes with QiBelly are essential.

Don’t hesitate to ‘schedule in’ the maintenance of your most important asset: your health!!