What is QiBelly Kung Fu?

Well, let’s start off by saying that QiBelly Kung Fu is based on a few different styles of Internal Martial Arts.

Xing Yi Quan, Xin Yi Liu He Quan, and Tai Ji Quan.

Without having to wax philosophical jargon, (because if you tempt me, I will) I would like to explain my style of Kung Fu in terms of health and benefit. So first we gotta clear up a few things.

For example, after taking my course will you be able to fly through the air, throwing multiple kicks, like Jackie Chan?

Probably not.

And in comparison to MMA training, will this class give you the tools for a cage match?

Probably not.

QiBelly Kung Fu is not the type of scene where blokes can come and bleed out their stress. My classes have never been about that. For those of you who know me, this may be somewhat obvious. These new classes I am offering are going to be a more fitness based version of my Tai Chi classes. More cardio, more sweating and more demanding postures. But Kung Fu is one of those words that excites and intimidates all in one.

From Kung Fu Panda to good old fashion Bruce Lee movies, there is a little piece of everyone that digs the concept. But many of us stay away because it seems too dangerous.

Think of my style of Kung Fu more in terms of Longevity Theory.

Yes, it is a martial art. And yes, to understand application and intent is very important. I believe martial intent is one of the key factors that makes it healthier than most forms of exercise. But this is not about bashing heads in and showing up to class and being forced to fight your classmates. I grew up in that scene and I dont miss it.

My new Kung Fu classes are designed to get you in shape and keep you strong. We begin with military style drills for cardio training and the strengthening of ligaments and joints. From there we begin to incorporate internal Nei Gong theory and application. The beauty about these classes is that they are taught accordingly. Age, health, and agenda are all taken into account so that we can give you what you need.

The term Kung Fu literally means a skill acquired over time. So for those who train, it becomes a way of life.

Adaptability and environmental health. This is the focus.

On November 10th, I am offering a FREE trial class from 1-2pm at Parkdale Prana Room. So if you keen on experiencing any of this, here is your time to partake without any financial expense to you.

Please confirm by email before attending. Space is limited.