The Stability Question Mark

Change can be awkward. Stability, at this point in time, is unforeseeable. So what happens when the flooring under our feet collapses? Where is our foundation now?

One thing I am learning to embrace, is that I don’t know anything. 2020 has proven that to me over and over again. 

Currently we are in a state of upheaval, necessary upheaval. Covid, the BLM movement, aMerican/Global politics, these are only featured aspects of it.  Everything is changing. And we are being asked to change with it.

There is a bigger experience in effect, and it’s beyond who and what we think we are. Not something we can put a finger on, not something we can logically digest. And to be honest, it doesn’t fucking matter. 

But we are a part of something that is beautiful. Something that is unexplainable. We as humans are given an opportunity to change within something that by its very nature represents change. How we adapt is the only real point of interest now. 

Wishing you well. Happy Covid Summer!!