Video Project: Take Your Meditation to the Streets (Part 2)

Tai Chi: Efficiency in Thought & Movement

The QiBelly Project is proud to present Part 2 of its video series, Take Your Meditation to the Streets. In this video we focus in the meditative aspects of Tai Chi and how it, as a practice, can be translated into many different arenas.


Take your Meditation to the Streets (Part 2)

Beyond the martial aspects of Tai Chi, we have a practice that reinforces mind in body. Having the ability to strengthen this habit, just by itself, has amazing benefits in terms of your quality of life. Postural awareness, breathing techniques, when established, promote an efficiency in how you approach thought and movement. The idea is to learn how to create a very grounded, effortless state through moments of stress – physical and/or mental.

Reiki, Meditation, QiGong, Tai Chi – Erase the line between your practice and your daily life.

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