Word From China

My teacher, Master Zhang Yu Fei, has been busy refining everything to do with our Hun Yuan practice. Since the passing of my grand teacher, Master Feng Zi Qiang, Master Zhang has set forth an approach that is revolutionizing all of our QiGong, Tai Chi & Kung Fu.

For those in the know, this is all very exciting information. Master Zhang is establishing a much more honest approach to health and martial arts. New theory, new forms all wrapped up and packaged beautifully. This changes everything for QiBelly. Over the years I have had the honour of training a tradition that involved a wide range of theory and application. The difficulty I have had was in learning how to get this information to the public, meaning how to teach it without discouraging those interested. Ancient Chinese traditions are rather full on. Even those dedicated question their motives from time to time. But this new approach is quite modern. Its much more accessible and most importantly it still has depth for those wanting to go further.

But why should you give a shit?

A: Because everything has become simplified. Everything is now streamlined in the sense that when you are training one thing, you are setting the stage for the ability to train many things at once. It’s #@1%ing genius!! I am so excited.

So if you keen to practice some badass material that is Bang 4your Buck, then stop by and check out the goods. You won’t be disappointed.