Fresh Material

New forms, a refined approach, much more efficient – you gotta come check out what I am selling now.

Master Zhang is handing down a new set of training routines that are super sexy indeed.

It starts off with the Chan Si Gong (warm up exercises a.k.a. silk reeling forms a.k.a get some blood to the tips of your toes & fingers). Polished and refined, these new QiGong forms can be busted out and completed within a few short minutes but not before putting a new pep in your step. For those of you with chronic joint pain, bad circulation, poor flexibility, etc. – call me Dr. FeelGood. I am amazed at how practical and simple these new forms are.

Did I mention there is a new Tai Chi 13 form? A more condensed version of the 48 with a whole new emphasis on rhythm and consistency. In the past the 24 form has been a go to for newbies in all of my classes. Being our definitive form in many ways it received a great deal of attention. But now things have changed. Although it is still useful and seriously badass, this new 13 is going to be the basis for how I approach all of my teaching. In a basic sense, its half the length, so its much easier and quicker to learn. The new emphasis on rhythm and consistency is going to challenge your sense of strength and integrity but in a good way. I can’t wait to teach this more.

And last but not least, the new fists!!

Wu Xing Pao Kung Fu – 5 Element Canon Fists.

A few of you are familiar with the old fists (they were awesome, still are awesome) but these new fists are that much better. A bit more old school with an added twist (pun intended) of development that makes these training drills super powerful. The basic idea is Inch Power. Now don’t get me wrong, Inch Power has always been the foundation of our training. But now its gonna be much more obvious. For those interested in becoming stronger these fists are gonna be your go to!!