Work From the Heart

Don’t let the fine print fool ya. 

What we tell ourselves is going on, is usually not what is actually going on. Mentally, politically, spiritually, choke that back as you need. I find perspective a funny thing. You have it or you don’t.

Lines of division continue to be strategically drawn between us by those who benefit most. It’s dark and it’s twisted. But its only a part of what is happening.

Maintaining perspective within the human spectrum is important. Having perspective beyond humans, more important. 

Systematic and refined, The Campaign Machine has never been more powerful. Know your worth. Work from the heart. Don’t let them warp your skull. 

QiBelly Group Classes continue to shine. It’s a magical time. Springtime Luvin – CopTown Emancipation – what a time to be alive!!

Give me a bell if you wanna party. 

1273A Queen West.