Autumn Action

Summer is almost over and to celebrate the coming of Fall, QiBelly is bringing the goods. New classes, new locations and discounted rates.

*2 for 1 Special*

For a limited time only QiBelly is offering a special deal: buy 2 Reiki Treatments and get 1 for free. This offer is only valid for purchase within the month of September, however the treatment dates can be scheduled at your convenience.

*Monthly Rates*

For you early morning fitness keeners, you can now purchase a block of 5 classes (QiGong, Tai Chi or Kung Fu) at the discounted rate of $80, or pay for the month at only $150. With the monthly rate, you can attend early morning classes 5 days a week!

*New Classes*

Starting September 13th, we will be offering more Tai Chi and Meditation classes at Lifewise Health & Wellness at its new location – 540 Mount Pleasant Rd – M4S 2M6. Pre-registration is taking place now.

*QiGong in the Park*

And last but not least is our Sunday Morning QiGong in the Park following the Forest Hill Walk Club . The Walk Club begins at 9:45am and is led by Cheryl Millett. After the walk, I will take you through a quick 30 minute QiGong routine. The combined total fee for the morning will only cost $4. Not bad.

Below is a bit I wrote about a series of events that I experienced over the the last two months. Routines and agendas sometime get flipped onto their heads and protocol takes on a whole new meaning.

Less IS More

Sometimes life gets a bit crazy, and sometimes crazy can come all at once. Lethargy, anxiety, stress, this is what crazy can bring.

When life becomes heavy, most of us react by giving our undivided attention to the situation in need. As a result we neglect meals, fitness routines, relaxation time, sleep, etc. This in turn begins to create overall life discomfort. We walk around feeling like we are just trying to catch up to a rhythm we no longer are a part of.

Fabulously designed fast-track fitness routines can burn out as quick as we light them up. Our patterns of exercise and health shouldn’t resemble a roller coaster. From meditation to power-lifting, a consistent routine of just a little bit everyday is better than a once a week workout that takes up the majority of your Saturday.

As little as 5 minutes a day. Create that time for yourself and try to keep it around the same time everyday. Mornings are excellent times, but everyone is different and therefore everyone is going to be attracted to slightly different rhythms. As long as we can maintain a somewhat consistent routine, we can learn to adapt and flow with the inevitable changes crazy can bring.