The Relax Concept

July is officially upon us and to celebrate, I am starting new Tai Chi classes Monday evenings, Thursday afternoons and Friday mornings at Lifewise Health & Wellness (2034 Yonge Street).

I am also offering a new time slot from 8:30-9:30am MWF at the 401 Building (401 Richmond Street West near Spadina) following our usual 7:30-8:30am class.

For more information visit Class Schedules or call 416.877.4106.

And for those of you who havent been able to take advantage of my “First Time FREE Reiki Treatment,” dont worry, my offer still stands. I am available at 3 different locations in the city as well as willing to make house calls.

For more information visit Reiki Treatments.

Below is a bit a wrote in response to our need for quiet time.

Summertime is here and action is in the streets.
So many things to do, so many places to go.
At times, it can be exhausting.

*Allowing Yourself to Relax*

Are you having difficulty relaxing? Is your mind overwhelmed with so many thoughts, that you simply cant find the time to relax?

In todays fast-paced, app friendly environment you are not alone. Most of us find that even when we are trying to relax, our mind is still running all over the place with possibilities that leave our bodies feeling tense and fidgety.

Our inability to relax body and mind, is a result of never taking the time to restore our energetic reservoir.

What we require is balance. Activity followed by inactivity, and vice versa. We cant be firing on all cylinders all the time. We need the time to reflect calmly and quietly. Our cell phones follow this principle, its time we do as well.

Relieving the body of habitual tension and discomfort, requires that we first relax the mind. A soft relaxed body is only achieved through a calm, quiet mind.

Reiki treatments are ideal for those looking to bring balance back to the mind and body. Promoting effective circulation will leave you feeling recharged, relaxed and calmly present.