Beyond the Reiki Table

Most of us are familiar with Reiki as a form of therapy even if you haven’t had a treatment. But not many of us are aware that the therapeutic aspects make up only about 10% of Reiki as an actual discipline.

As a discipline, it is part of daily life and not just a compartmentalized concept that is accessed when you aren’t feeling so well. Beyond the treatment room, Reiki is practical and something that can be used while doing just about anything else. Having the ability to remain calm and centered in the present moment is the discipline we practice. The use of our hands makes sense for treatments but in the streets it is all about intent, internal awareness and environmental adaptability.

In the everyday, even a cup of tea should be given our full attention. Our training teaches us to see value in a larger perspective that has its root in the now.

QiBelly will be holding Komyo Reiki classes for Levels One and Two in the month of May.

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Updated Class Schedules:

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