I Can’t Meditate

*I can’t meditate. My brain just doesn’t stop.*

Ever feel like this?

Of course you have. Many of us have brains that bounce all over the place. Its both a blessing and a curse. Think of meditation as being an effective way of dealing with mental overload. A way to become less reactive and more productive.

But we need to be reasonable in our approach as a novice. I think many people limit meditation to a categorical ideal. We want too much too soon. Images of serene monks in distant lands where all is beautiful and birds sing is not necessarily what it has to be like for you. We don’t have to rely on incense, fluffy pillows or dogma. This isn’t about emptying our thoughts or becoming like the Buddha.

Meditation is a life practice. For your stress, for your relationships, for your moment. Think of it as a tool, not a teleport service. Day by day we learn to sharpen our skills and incorporate them into our life.

Make it simple. Focus on the basics.

Start off by aligning your posture and work towards balancing the physical body using the breath. The balance between tension and relaxation is how we begin. Simple.

Setting aside just 5 minutes of your day is a great way to establish your practice. But its important to make it routine so that your rhythms become consistent.

Meditation can look and feel many different ways. It’s a technique that can help you feel more centered, grounded and adaptable.

Whether it be through QiGong, Martial Arts, Reiki or Zazen, practicing meditation will teach you how to deal with life’s stressors one moment at a time.

Meditation should be practical. Plain and simple.