Creating Your Practice

*Where do we start? How do we maintain? What do we achieve?*

As obvious as it seems, we start with the basics. Posture, form and the comprehension of its significance. This can take anywhere from weeks to years to develop.

Then there is breathing. We listen to the breath, we watch the breath, and we begin to understand how breathing affects our physical body. Once breath is made conscious, we then recognize the correlation between breath and body mechanics. Here we speak of integration. Again, developing this concept needs to become habit. It develops according to your rate of diligence.

Throughout the process of form and breath, we take note of the practical benefits it awards. From digestive elimination to adaptability within our environment. We have to ask ourselves, “Is our practice improving our life?”

Spiritually speaking we are intrigued and somewhat subjectively led astray as a novice practitioner. But by focusing from the ground up, we can build foundation. With solid foundation one will act in accordance with their true nature. The spiritual fulfillment we crave lies within our true nature.

So, here are the goods:

Be diligent in your practice.
Allow each and every day to be itself.
Change is inevitable.
React accordingly.

Good cannot be experienced without bad. One is not to be desired over the other.

Perspective. Perspective. Perspective.