Keep It Simple

Now that June is here we are starting registration for Tai Chi classes in July. These classes will be held at Lifewise Health & Wellness starting July 5th. The deadline for registration is June 25th. Monday evenings, Thursday afternoons and Friday mornings. So if you are interested, give us a bell.

On Friday June 18th I will be giving an intro to Tai Chi at Lifewise Health & Wellness as part of an effort to raise money for FoodShare. The class will only cost you $5 with proceeds going to FoodShare.

On the other side of things, my Reiki Room at King West Chiropractic is going well and in an effort to get even busier, I am offering a FREE 30 minute treatment to first time customers!!

Below is an article I wrote after spending some time with my Reiki Teacher from Japan. We had the honor of sharing some quality eats together last week on the tail end of his world tour. Enjoy.

*Keep It Simple*
Over the years I have experienced moments where I felt overwhelmed with too much information. Ancient abstract theory, body mechanics (posture), internal meridian theory, meditative aspects, relaxation and whole body power. The complexity of it all can be heavy and that is why its important to be systematic in your approach.

Theory is important, and so are correct body mechanics. Breathing has to be appropriate, the mind has to be on task, and the body needs to be relaxed enough to achieve connectivity.

But these concepts don’t all come at once. They unravel accordingly and make themselves useful when you are ready for them. They make up the foundation of our practice and give us insight into the practicality of what it means to “train.” Although they are initially introduced, it takes time to process them. Patience is a virtue.

So instead of trying to take on too much too soon, its best to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Simplify your agenda.

How does the theory relate to you and your life?

How is your posture?

Is your body relaxed?

Where is your mind?

The idea here is to take on one thing at a time. Keep it simple. Within the structure there has to be freedom. It has to be natural.

Last week I had the opportunity of visiting with my Reiki Teacher from Japan. The experience was nothing short of amazing. Just being in the same room with him was an honor.

During the course of our visit I was reminded of an old saying in Chinese called, “Kou Chuan Xin Shou.” Mouth passes on what the heart(mind) receives. This is the Chinese tradition of how knowledge is passed on. Based on the proximity of the relationship between student and teacher. Personal dialogue, mannerisms and body language – these all take place in and out of the classroom.

Eating dinner with my teacher and catching up on the past couple years, my wife and I were reminded of the simplicity of Hyakuten Sensei. His presence, his conversation, and his childlike relaxation. The meal was a lesson all by itself.

I find that most of us like to complicate things – our lives, our theories, our practice. There are many reasons for this, but what is important is that there is no need.

We were designed to live in accordance with the natural world. Based on cycles, we change and adapt best we can. Everyday is the only day.

Keep it simple.