First the Tiger, Now the Dragon

On Wednesday evening of last week I became a father, again. It was a beautiful birth and my new baby boy, Kai, is a champion.

As some of you might already know, Kai was born into the Year of the Dragon. Water Dragon to be exact. My first son, Milo, was born in Year of the Tiger, Metal Tiger.

When I first began diggin Eastern Philosophy I was also really diggin tattoos. Still dig both, but let’s get back to the point.

Back in the day, I decided on a some art that would represent balance. The Tiger and Dragon were of interest to me because they are known in Eastern cultures as opposing symbols. Yin and Yang. Duality and balance through opposing forces.

Tiger and the Dragon are powerful creatures that rival each other. When they are in balance, everything is in balance.

Auspicious indeed are these tattoos upon my arm. 2001 was when I decided on them and now here in 2012 I got the boys to keep me steady. Should be an interesting experience for us all.