The Fear Donkey


Here we are in mid-December and life is busy. As this year comes to an end, we find that some aspects of our life are winding down just as others are winding us up. For most of us, it is an emotional/stressful time of year.

So rather than telling you what you should do about it, I would like to point out that the scenario we find ourselves in is nothing new. Specific concerns aside, we have all seen this before.

But every year we get caught up in it. We ride this Fear Donkey like our very nature depended on it.

December 2012. Many are predicting the end of the world or a big shift in cosmic consciousness, and that is cool, but lets not get too excited.

Let us not forget that is a time of year when life (in the bigger picture) slows down. A time for going inside. A time to gather for the upcoming year. Think more like a farmer.

Now, we can ignore the natural order and carry on all we want. But I think we can all agree, that these very personal agenda based inclinations we find ourselves struggling with, are in fact those that feed the fear that we won’t have enough or be enough for the future. The holiday hype, the stress, the dramas – these can deplete us. So, instead of taking the bait from advertisement agencies, futuristic fear concepts and the like, rest assured that your sleep-ins and your downtime are just what the doctor ordered. Time to preserve, restore and listen to what is naturally speaking to you. More meditation and insight. Take the time to create the reserves needed for the upcoming Spring so that you can confidently continue fighting the good fight.

Maintain a steady rhythm. Prevent the Fear Donkey from dominating your psyche.


Happy Holidays.