New to the Neighborhood

For the months of June and July, QiBelly will be offering *FREE* treatments and consultations to first time customers at Iam Yoga on *Mondays* from *9:30am-5:30pm* and Parkdale Prana Room on *Tuesdays* from *2-7pm*.

At these new locations, I will be offering treatments and consultations in Reiki, Guided Meditation, Tai Chi and QiGong. Being new to the neighborhood, I would like to offer my services in the most welcoming of ways: FREE!!

I am also happy to announce new group meditation classes at both of these locations.

For the Iam Yoga studio, we are going to start out small with a meditation class offered after the 12-1pm class on Monday’s. In July, I am hoping to extend this concept as a follow up to other classes offered throughout the week.

At the Parkdale Prana Room, I will be offering a new group meditation class after our QiGong/Tai Chi on Tuesday evenings. We will be starting the sit at 8pm.

Group Meditation Classes will be priced on a donation basis, but we ask a $10 minimum.

For more information or to book an appointment please contact me by email.

Thank you.