Programming for the People

Our big hot summer is here and for most of us that means more time spent outdoors. For me, I like the early mornings best. A workout/lesson in the park, and by the time the sun is in domination mode, I am sipping on a cup of tea somewhere in the shade.

If you have been checking up on my website, you may have noticed that I am continuing to make subtle changes in order to one day take over the web and rule the world. Haha. One of the most important changes on my website concerns the class listings. In these sections, I am listing my summer schedule and, more importantly, my new person-centered programming concepts a.k.a. private lessons.

I have broke down most of what I teach into 5 lesson blocks. I have found over the last couple of years that presenting an end goal, besides the obvious one of immortality, is a much more attractive route. So with this new menu, I have created stepping stones to life-everlasting (insert Eddie Van Halen guitar solo here)!!

Here is the breakdown:

Reiki Courses

Meditation Courses

QiGong & TaiJi Courses

Kung Fu Courses (message me directly for Kung Fu information)

*Reiki and more Reiki*

Last month’s Reiki Share rocked it like no other!! Thank you to everyone who came out and participated in the event. Having Hyakuten Sensei there from Japan was a treat indeed. It’s a shame we live so far away these days. He is pictured here with me on the night of the event.

The next Reiki Share is scheduled for *Wednesday, July 27th at 8pm.* Same location: Parkdale Prana Room – 1273A Queen Street West – 2nd Floor. I am asking those interested in attending this month’s event to RSVP in advance by email. The Parkdale Prana Room is an amazing location and seems like a perfect fit for this gig. Boom Boom.

On *August 6th & 13th,* I am scheduling Reiki Courses at the Prana Room. For those interested in Levels 1 & 2, please contact me by email.

As of this weekend (July 16th), QiBelly will be taking a short break from the classes/treatments and will recommence on July 25th. I look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

In the season of Yang, remember to nourish Yin.

Happy Summer.