QiBelly Rants: Take One

We are the process of stepping up our video production. This first video posted here was a test run, really. We were focusing on sound and lighting quality and I took it upon myself to go on a rant (as per usual). Unscripted and right out of my bum. Upon completion, we thought, why the hell not? 

Many of us go through our everyday routines focusing on the future. For most of us, being present, being grounded is not a skill we reinforce. Doing the dishes (or other menial tasks) has its importance. For our high stress levels, something as simple as doing the dishes can be relaxing. It can be a time where we slow down and get back into the moment. So the next time you are stressed and trying to complete a task so that you can then go relax on the couch, try this little technique instead. You may find it incredibly powerful. 

All the best.