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Fall 2017 – Truth Be Told

Whether it’s politics, the devastation of our habitat, or your personal truth; fall 2017 is revealing more than we care to admit. From my side of it, I look at all this as a time of necessity. A time like no other. Opportunity is the obvious route. But then there is the Fear. Natural, even advantageous, … Keep reading »

Slick Buddha

‘Being relaxed, maybe not so important. Pass these tests, pass them well.’ These are the words that rang in my head the other day as my twisted perception released itself from judgment and self centered arrogance. I’m an intense kinda guy. My meditation practice has helped balance me out, no doubt. The QiGong and Tai … Keep reading »

More Fish Tacos Please

In California it became clear as day. My go-to mode of operation, triggered by all the familiar features, is no longer working for me. Heavily reinforced techniques that take hold when I go unconscious (aka autopilot, aka habitual), are in the way of what I want. In a split second with the right surroundings I … Keep reading »

The Summer Super + Vacation Fandango

The Season of Yang is here and it’s looking saucy alright. Being in tune with the sensations of Summer is an art form. Seasonal indulgence while staying conscious and living creatively, this is true appreciation. But we have to be respectful of our season at the same time, like a surfer is to a wave. … Keep reading »

Uncertainty & Rhythms

Pushing up on 40 and I have no idea what is going on. Seriously, it’s laughable. It’s also beautiful. The more I experience, the more I laugh. Shifts, surprises, devastation, glory, all wrapped up in one dirty burrito of love. Uncertainty is ok. Wash, rinse, repeat. Tried and true, I rely on my rhythms. They are … Keep reading »