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Uncertainty & Rhythms

Pushing up on 40 and I have no idea what is going on. Seriously, it’s laughable. It’s also beautiful. The more I experience, the more I laugh. Shifts, surprises, devastation, glory, all wrapped up in one dirty burrito of love. Uncertainty is ok. Wash, rinse, repeat. Tried and true, I rely on my rhythms. They are … Keep reading »

Big Tree Mind Podcasting

I got a podcast for you this month. Two podcasts actually. Not mine, but ones I was interviewed in. Big Tree Mind Podcasting with Lana Lontos. If you haven’t met me yet, watching these podcasts is a great way to. I have to admit that when I watched them, I was a bit shocked. Up … Keep reading »

Choices vs Habits

I was listening to a track on the stereo yesterday. No kids. No nonsense. Just me making lunch. It was beautiful. The song was rocking, but a bit on the angry side. Romantic recollections of a battle royal. Within a few seconds I began fantasizing about fighting. So I turned off the music real quick and … Keep reading »

Silence and Solitude

For most, the simple antidote for stress and fatigue doesn’t cost any money. It’s not a class nor is it a destination or relocation. And most definitely it’s nowhere to be found on your phone. The answer lies in silence and solitude. Its simple. Create a little time for silence and solitude. No need to … Keep reading »

Reiki Name Change + Ultra Classy Tai Chi Video

There has been a lot of talk about Komyo Reiki Do as of late. The recent name change from Komyo Reiki Kai and all the hoopla associated has got the people talking. Last month I wrote Hyakuten Sensei and I was bold enough to ask him straight up. Haha. He just sent me this link … Keep reading »