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The Next Level Explained

Last week I introduced a meditation workshop I am holding on February 3rd from 1-3pm. Meditation 2.0 – The Next Level. A few of you have been asking about it and here is a bit of an explanation. Beyond the basics. Accessible skills regardless of environment. The internal practice, an introduction. For those keen, give … Keep reading »

Meditation 2.0 – The Next Level

Hey!! Wanna improve your meditation skills? Looking for the next level or even just a super fresh perspective on what it means to have an internal practice? Explore meditation beyond the basics and learn how to hone your craft. 2 Hour Workshop consisting of theory, breathing techniques, postures and energy centres. Students will take part in the … Keep reading »

Crazy Busy

Hey!! How you doing?’ ‘Good!! Busy. Crazy busy. You?’ Does this conversation sound familiar? Holidays are here and we be getting busy. Social norms, expectations, nice to see you again December. But what are we really saying when we say we are busy? Are we really that busy? Or is it our approach that has … Keep reading »

Brilliant in Brooklyn

Still coming down off the experience. But maybe down is the wrong word. Our plane back home is set to sail and we are humming with more than we expected. We went for Love. Some quality mates from way back. We spent my 40th birthday weekend together. And we were blessed. The reunion was magical, … Keep reading »

1977: 40 Years Later

Let’s be honest, the 30’s were a rough patch. For me, the awkward equivalent of puberty in the late 1980’s. But now that is over. 40 is here!! A little less stupid, a little more refined. Ya, I like the sound of that. I will be taking a short leave of absence at the end … Keep reading »