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More Fish Tacos Please

In California it became clear as day. My go-to mode of operation, triggered by all the familiar features, is no longer working for me. Heavily reinforced techniques that take hold when I go unconscious (aka autopilot, aka habitual), are in the way of what I want. In a split second with the right surroundings I … Keep reading »

The Summer Super + Vacation Fandango

The Season of Yang is here and it’s looking saucy alright. Being in tune with the sensations of Summer is an art form. Seasonal indulgence while staying conscious and living creatively, this is true appreciation. But we have to be respectful of our season at the same time, like a surfer is to a wave. … Keep reading »

Uncertainty & Rhythms

Pushing up on 40 and I have no idea what is going on. Seriously, it’s laughable. It’s also beautiful. The more I experience, the more I laugh. Shifts, surprises, devastation, glory, all wrapped up in one dirty burrito of love. Uncertainty is ok. Wash, rinse, repeat. Tried and true, I rely on my rhythms. They are … Keep reading »

Big Tree Mind Podcasting

I got a podcast for you this month. Two podcasts actually. Not mine, but ones I was interviewed in. Big Tree Mind Podcasting with Lana Lontos. If you haven’t met me yet, watching these podcasts is a great way to. I have to admit that when I watched them, I was a bit shocked. Up … Keep reading »

Choices vs Habits

I was listening to a track on the stereo yesterday. No kids. No nonsense. Just me making lunch. It was beautiful. The song was rocking, but a bit on the angry side. Romantic recollections of a battle royal. Within a few seconds I began fantasizing about fighting. So I turned off the music real quick and … Keep reading »