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Big Tree Mind Podcasting

I got a podcast for you this month. Two podcasts actually. Not mine, but ones I was interviewed in. Big Tree Mind Podcasting with Lana Lontos. If you haven’t met me yet, watching these podcasts is a great way to. I have to admit that when I watched them, I was a bit shocked. Up … Keep reading »

Self-Expression Chat on Youtube

Last week I sat down with Eleanor Healy of Truly Me to discuss what it means to find your Voice. Many people struggle these days to understand what is Self. In this talk, Eleanor and I go over some basic features in learning how to address Self through meditation, breathing (Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga) and … Keep reading »

New Podcast!!

  Greetings!! I have two lovely podcasts to announce. The first being Group Stupid Radio. FINALLY!!! I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!! As I announced earlier, this is a side project where me and my friend, Bouke Salverda, strip away all the labels in effort to honestly address the human condition. In this first season, our plan is … Keep reading »

Toronto Life Magazine + Podcast Interviews

I got a text from a friend last week who said, ‘Congrats!! You’re in Toronto Life Magazine!!’ (February Issue) Shocked and amazed, I went on the hunt to find that I was mentioned as one of the four people in Toronto that offer meditation training (they used the word gurus, but hey lets not get too … Keep reading »