5/20 Announcement + Lecture Concept

Good Day Everyone –

On Tuesdays, starting next week, I will be holding a new class at Hive on Carlaw from 10-11:15am.

I’m calling it, ‘The Opposite Effect’ – QiGong and Meditation

First we are going to stimulate you, then we are going to relaxicate you.

I am creating this new class off the glory of the Happy Hour Class that I have been running at Prana Room for the past year or so. For those of you in the know, this new class will be similar to our Tuesday night Brain Smoothie but with just a bit more movement.

‘The Opposite Effect’ has been a response I have been refining over the past few months. A response to life at work and life at home. Being witness to such intensity, we as a collective, need to slow-it-down. Pushing our bodies and our brains to continue to produce, create, and consume (all the bloody time), has put us on stimulation overload. Not shocking information. But what are you doing about it?

Here is a section of time, Tuesdays from 10-11:15am, that will rearrange your positioning. No more try-hard techniques or needless suffering. Simple ‘get your smooth on’ routines to reestablish your baseline. I am going to keep this class at a limited number, perhaps 5-6 people. Not because I am being an ass, but because I look to maintain the quality of the class. Too many people, and I will have to wear a Janet Jackson headpiece – no good. I aim to keep it tight, intimate (but only in the most appropriate of ways). If numbers are large, we shall open a new timeslot.

Located just north of Queen Street East at Carlaw – Suite 308 – 276 Carlaw Ave. Please email me to ahead of time to confirm your spot.

As well, I am announcing a lecture concept for my good friend, Amyris Rada.

On Saturday May 31st (6-7pm), Amyris will be giving a talk at Prana Room on Detoxification. She will be covering basics, benefits and some misperceptions regarding fasting vs. cleanses. Learn how to detox in a gentle way, your liver will love you for it.

This is gonna be dope!! Please rsvp as space is limited.

Thank you and have a fabulous week!! For more informaiton on my regular class schedule please click here.

All the best.