San Cai aka The Three Powers

Back in January I got this new form from Beijing. My teacher calls it San Cai Shi, which basically means, ‘The Three Powers.’ Heaven, human and Earth as one. It’s rather awesome.

Here it is: The San Cai Video

Ok, now let me explain. QiGong, as a health practice, has mainly two areas: harmonizing internal body with external body, and harmonizing whole body with environment. The first concept can be understood to mean, internal organs with external tissue, intent with action, energy with form, etc. The second is based off the idea that we use our environment as a support network. A technique that makes us stronger and more resilient. QiGong practice is very much influenced by our surroundings. The weather, the season, time of day, state of health, what you ate and so on.

The San Cai, is an exercise that not only works at achieving balance from within, but one that also helps create a state of neutrality with our external world. The practice develops our ability to be more accepting and less in pursuit of preference. The idea is grandiose but not obnoxiously so.

One of the ways we use the San Cai in our classes is before an activity (form work, Tai Chi, etc). Making sure that our internal and external bodies are together and that we, ourselves, are aligned with our environment. From this place of balance and neutrality we are fit to work. In more rigorous training, this same technique can be used as a sort of ‘cool down,’ bringing us back to a place of neutral when the workout is finished.

Here is play by play instruction on how to go about it. It’s divided into 3 parts:

Part 1 – Heaven and Human as One

First begin with mind at QiHai (the center point of the lower abdomen – basically two fingers below the navel and in). Locating this position gets quicker over time. If too abstract initially, just put your mind in your centre.

From here sink your mind down to your feet, body follows. Continue moving downward into the earth. Go until you reach the opposite side of the earth.

Then begin to move up the curvature of the sphere with your mind until you reach the equator (1/4 the circumference), body follows – meaning legs then arms rise. At this point move up in the into the heavens, the sky, the universe, straight up. Allow it to pour down into the top of the head and begin to sink, letting the energy gather in the chest. Chest then opens at sternum, and you release, naturally so into the horizon. Arms relax back down upon completion. Relax.

Part 2 – Earth and Human as One

Now mind at feet, kidney point to be exact. Move up the Yin meridians, the inside of the legs, continuing right through where the legs begin (perineum) and up the centre line of the body, through the top of the head and out over the earth.

Extend over the entire earth like you were casting a net over it with your arms. As you continue to move over it, you then begin to move under it. At this point pull up from the earth right up into your feet, up the insides of the legs continuing to where the legs begin and back up into the guts.

This brings you back to QiHai. From QiHai extend through the navel out into the horizon. Relax.

Part 3 – Harmonizing Internal Body with External Body

Begin with mind at MingMen (The Gate of Life aka L2 in the spine). From there curve down into HuiYin (perineum) and then continue the curve up into ShenQue  (navel) completing a half circle. From ShenQue pull back into QiHai and move down naturally. Relax.


For those of you keen to gain grounding and support, then I suggest you give this little number a go. It’s fabulous.

If you have any questions, please see associated video or just give me a bell.

Thank you.