The Summer Super + Vacation Fandango

The Season of Yang is here and it’s looking saucy alright.

Being in tune with the sensations of Summer is an art form. Seasonal indulgence while staying conscious and living creatively, this is true appreciation. But we have to be respectful of our season at the same time, like a surfer is to a wave. Without awareness, the momentum is prone to pulling us under.

Seasonal Excitement Disorder also known as SED (I just made that up) is more common than is reported. Too much excitement, not enough reserves in the tank. Too much sun not enough moon. Not taking care of yourself and hitting too many patios – you get the idea. Adjusting to the harmonics is key in our quest for success. My latest blog on uncertainty goes over a few tips on how to dance in step with the flow.

On July 7th, QiBelly will be taking a precious pause. All classes will start again on Thursday July 27th. That being said, I will still be broadcasting my Happy Hour (meditation) class via Periscope. Same bat time, same bat channel. You can tune in weekly to Periscope/Twitter (find me @qibelly) to stream live. Each week the video is saved for 24 hours for you to be able to access.

I wish you all a beautiful summer!!

With love and affection.