The Unhealthy 97

One of my students came in the other day and exclaimed, ‘Did Covid give everyone PTSD!?’

It got me thinking. Maybe yes is the answer. I’ve been feeling similarly as of late. People aren’t well. Rich, poor, people are all twisted up. It’s bad.

A few years back when the drama began, the American Heart Association ran a study to find which percentage of North Americans were healthy. Prior to the study being completed, they guesstimated around 20% would pass the mark. They were way off. The number turned out to be a shocking statistic of just 2.7%. Only 2.7% of us are considered healthy by the AHA. 

Holy fuck is right. We aren’t well. Our hearts aren’t well. Our mentalities are mental, we seek spirituality through YouTube. 

So what now? Is this the direction we keep going?

Maybe for some, but not for me. Like the song sings, ‘I ain’t going out like that.’ 

Enough with this comfy pants enthusiasm.