Meditation, High Park Tai Chi, and Romantics

Join us for a Zen Meditation. Learn how to gain insight and perspective through the art of observational non-judgement.

Come tonight! Or tomorrow night!! 

Our in person Guided Meditations run every Tuesday and Wednesday from 7:30-8:30pm at my studio in Parkdale. 

On Fridays we have Zen Meditation on Zoom for 30 minutes from 7:30-8am. Give me a bell if you are keen. 

Have you heard of our High Park Tai Chi classes on Sundays at 9am? They are wild!! Such an empowering experience during these winter months. Come be one with nature! Get outside!

And here is my latest Group Stupid post…


Most of us grew up watching Disney. It shaped us. Aspirations force fed, we tell ourselves we are free. Rare is the one who dares to dream on their own. 

In love, in business, we go ideal. We are entitled. Maybe it’s a North American thing. Or maybe it just started here. 

We lack imagination with how we individually interpret our lives. Disrespectful of our own intuition, we have copycat goals rooted in falsehoods. Fairytales. We tell ourselves fairytales. 

When we become unrealistic we become unreasonable. We look for what is not there. By and large, we are the most privileged population in history. And at the same time, the most disappointed and depressed. Tragic and pathetic, we need to stop drinking the Kool Aid. 

Have the courage to create your own path. Break free from the conditioning.