The Zhang Episodes: Part 1 – Remaining Relevant

Master Zhang held a Tai Chi class in High Park a few weeks ago. Mind blowing material. But that’s not why I am writing. Today’s topic is integrity.

As a teacher, there are many ways to present. And most follow similar paths, because these days it’s a business. Be likeable, be relatable, make your customers happy. But not Master Zhang. He was honest to goodness tradition. Not the trend. Not there to please. He came correct. 

Knowing the history and the politics within the QiGong/Tai Chi community, it was inspiring to see him hold true to the line and lay out the material accordingly. It was like a flashback from the past. He taught the class like he taught me back in the day. And I guess what really got me, is that I haven’t seen it since. 

There is an overall trend across business platforms and industry where people try really hard to stay relevant. Where being in the spotlight and obtaining ‘the interest of the people’ is King, even if it means compromising one’s position. It’s everywhere you look, and I understand it. But there is a downside. And that downside is a lack of integrity, a lack of heart. 

It’s all sellable information. Everything is now a commodity. It’s gross. Fame for the sake of fame. Acknowledgement for the sake of acknowledgement. Who cares what you’re selling. We live in an era where numbers and ‘likes’ are all anyone concerns themselves with. 

Master Zhang stood there in the park that day, like a boss, and presented the material with integrity. His heart was robust and so were his demands. It puts a smile on my face to know there are a few heads out there still doing it right.