A Well Rounded Toolkit

Almost a year ago I started revamping this website, well actually it was more like three years ago. Needless to say, I am very excited and proud of what we have been able to accomplish. This new website is slick!!

So what’s changed? Loads. But for me, this website represents much more in terms of where I am at today. Older (and somewhat handsomer), proper nose hair, grey stubble, kids. Yup. Ultra sexy and refined. But that’s not the interesting part.

Through my work and communication with others I’ve come to see the trends and concerns of the people. Whether it’s relief from pain or a rewrite on a destructive approach, I have witnessed what for most, represents a challenge concerning personal health. Belief systems that by definition limit potential, as well as a general lack of self awareness. Knowledge of the Self is a rare quality these days. Trendy health concepts and the latest craze have many of us pushing in the wrong direction. Left with burnout and breakdowns many of us suffer and abuse ourselves needlessly. Philosophy plus body awareness create preventative rhythms that show us when to push and when to pull back and roll with it. Humility. This is key.

For most, meditation is the missing component in our approach to health. And when I say meditation I mean stillness.

Call it Tai Chi, call it Qigong, Reiki or just basic meditation – it doesn’t matter. The combination is what is important. Knowing your mind, having breath proficiency and internal body awareness equals a well rounded tool kit. We can’t just rely on one tool. We need an arsenal.

I consider this to be a powerful time of potential, one where we can do away with what no longer is working for us. This is an opportunity for all us to look at what we have and assess if it’s working for us or not. Its time to refine.

I hope you enjoy my new website. Thanks for reading.


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