Breathing from the Heels

There are many layers to my practice and depending on my audience, I angle myself accordingly. That being said, I consider correct breathing the root. So fundamental to a practice, and so often given the least amount of attention. Breathing is everything. Well at least it is what everything else is built upon. Establishing a smooth breath response is the concrete slab on which we build our practice. No two ways about it. Forget posture and sexy form work. The breath is what opens the floodgates to all that is achievable in every mind/body practice. Learning how to reestablish balance with our environment requires that we maintain awareness of the breath in relation to our moment. In times of stress, physical or mental, how smooth is your technique? When it’s most inconvenient, is perhaps when correct breathing matters most. Everyday we find ourselves on new ground. Breathe from the heels and learn to realign yourself with your centre.

This month I am offering breathing programs that create healthy alternatives to those who suffer from negative breathing habits. They will be run on a private basis, so if you are interested contact me through email. Three 40 minute sessions for $100 + HST. Reiki Share this Tuesday from 7-9pm at Parkdale Prana Room. Email me to confirm your seat. QiGong & Tai Chi classes still in full effect. Have a great week!!