Creating Balance Between Life & Work

With the advent of smart phones and universal wi-fi, we have the ability to access anything and everything anytime we want. Love it or hate it, the fact remains we work longer hours than before. The line that used to separate work from home is no longer.

It’s important to be in one place at one time. Mind separate from body, a habit that most of us regard as normal, can have an exhausting effect on our persons. We humans have the ability to be past, present or future by thought alone. Within reason, a blessing. Left unchecked, a curse.

Training a skill like meditation can help create balance between life and work. Meditation is defined as having all of your energy in one direction. When our thoughts reflect our actions, we reinforce a true sense of perspective that keeps us in the here and now.

When it’s time to work, we work. When it’s time to be home, we are at home. Learn the discipline of simplicity.