Simple Breathing Techniques: Stress Reduction

For most of us, the breath is not a conscientious process. Its not something we have to think about in order to survive. We breathe because we have to, it’s an involuntary response.

But what if, just for a few minutes, I asked you to watch your breath. How would your body react? Think of your heartrate, your overall circulation, your digestion, your sleeping patterns, etc. How would these concepts in particular be affected?

What if this skill allowed you to remain calm and focused under pressure? Your response to stress would be appropriate and less reactive. Using something as simple as the breath can be an effective means of learning how to embrace stressors with peace of mind.

Simple breathing techniques that regulate rhythm of breath and even the pressure of your exhalation/inhalation profoundly influence your level of adaptability.

Taking a few minutes a day to be mindful of the breath will build a skill you can quickly translate into your everyday lifestyle.

Learn how to manage your stress levels. Create your Zen.