Fat with a PH


The best translation from Chinese to English suggests a posture characterized as being ‘swollen’ or ‘inflated.’

It’s a term in Chinese martial arts used to create a strong physique that is soft and expansive. As well, the concept implies a centered, somewhat buoyant means of contact with your opponent.

But in terms of health, it is even more amazing. The training develops whole body circulation, free from obstruction and unnecessary tension. Maximizing your frame, Péng creates the space our bodies require to be resilient and systematic.

Maintaining Péng is an incredible way of being connected on so many levels. Walking down the street takes on a whole new meaning. No buffalo stance techniques or big breasted inflations (It doesn’t have to be grossly obvious). But once understood in the martial sense, then in everyday movement, one can naturally begin to apply it to thought and opportunity.

Not difficult or exhausting like trying to bend a spoon with your mind, its more soothing than that. Training Péng is truly a multifaceted approach to health. It cultivates our natural tendency to move, think and react from a place free from fear and uncertainty.

Centered, confident and connected. Development for the people.

QiBelly Nation.